• Venicio Vaz Technology Support Coordinator, Globosat, Rio de Janeiro

    Baton has helped us by providing the tools that we need to quickly identify issues in our workflows, but most importantly, it's the best support that we've ever seen. The great experience with the support team began at the time of installation, and since then Interra Systems have been answering our questions about how to properly use the tools that Baton offers. The feedback is always efficient and very quick.

  • Khalaf Al-Khawaldeh Director of Engineering, JRTV

    We process large volumes of data every day and needed the most advanced QC tool to help us ensure high content quality while streamlining our operation through automation. After a thorough evaluation of multiple QC tools over several months, we chose Baton for our QC needs. It was the only tool that completely satisfied all our requirements and met our strenuous standards of quality checks and processing time.

  • Park Technical Management team, Master Control Service Center Division, CJ Powercast

    We process large volumes of data every day and needed the most advanced QC tool to help us minimize human intervention while maintaining high quality standards. After thorough evaluation of multiple QC tools for months, we are happy to partner with Interra for their QC solution, Baton. It was the only tool which completely satisfied all our requirements and met our strenuous standards of quality checks and processing time

  • Mark Lemmons CTO, T3Media

    T3Media provides a management, delivery and monetization platform to media owners worldwide. Content quality is critically important to our customers. As a result, we needed a scalable and robust file based QC solution like Baton

  • John Crosier Cinram Senior Vice President Digital Architecture and Delivery

    After reviewing a number of solutions, we chose Baton. Not only does the product exceed our requirements, Interra Systems has a thorough understanding of our business and is very responsive to our needs.

  • Olivier Wardecki Manager, Managing Director, NEXT Technology

    As a premier broadcast services provider, we pride ourselves in the quality of service that we provide. With the greater sophistication in the digital media today, we wanted to progress to an automated QC solution for the digital files. Interra's Baton was a good fit for us for the range of formats and checks that it provided to handle files and issues related to compression, repurposing, transcoding, and digitization. We are pleased with this selection

  • Don Hertz Manager, Video Operations, Sportsman Channel

    We are an outdoor lifestyle network that features a growing line-up of exclusive programming focused on the lifestyle of American sportsmen and sportswomen. Sportsman Channel delivers entertaining and educational programming and therefore content quality becomes very important to continue to grow our distribution and viewership. Adopting a file-based QC solution was a natural progression in this direction. Interra's Baton offers us the best automated, file-based QC to handle our diverse content.

  • Frank Mathys Technical Manager, VMMa

    When we selected Baton a few years back, it was a major decision to switch from an existing QC software to a new product. I am glad we made this decision. The transition to Baton QC was very smoothly executed by Interra's technical and support engineers. In these years, Baton checks have helped us deliver quality content with full confidence. We are also happy that Baton product is keeping pace with the current and future needs of the broadcast industry - delivery standards, regulatory compliances, and formats.

  • Dominique Van Laeys Technical Manager, BeTV

    We have been using Baton QC for some years now to QC content before distribution. Baton's range and accuracy of quality checks has helped us manage content quality very effectively. We are very pleased with our choice of file-based QC

  • Darby Sanchez Chief Executive Officer, GlobeCast Asia

    Broadcasters around the world use our content management services, and the key component of the service is to ensure that our digital media workflow is the best in class. Interra's Baton has enabled us to efficiently handle the QC of large volumes of diverse content. Also, Interra's proactive customer support has helped us in quick launch with full confidence due to a faster turnaround on content quality checks

  • Pierre Roy VP Engineering Research and Development, Videotron

    As one of the top HD TV service providers, we continuously need to focus on content quality and user experience. Integrating a comprehensive file-based QC in our workflows is logical step in this direction. Interra's Baton will enable us to ensure quality and integrity of our content. We see Baton playing a critical role in our production operations and scale up as our operations expand.

  • Lee Young Director of Engineering Facilities, KQED

    As we move to file-based workflows, content QC will be a critical part of our production, broadcast and interactive operations. The volume of content that we work with makes it important for us to have a comprehensive and robust QC solution in place. We selected Baton as the file-based QC of choice as we found Baton very comprehensive in its support for formats and quality checks. Baton’s scalability for large content volume and enterprise wide QC along High Availability will prove very critical in KQED’s enterprise workflow

  • Alain Roy Director Technologies, at Vision Globale

    QC of file-based content is critical for our media services and distribution. The volume of content and the diversity of formats make a comprehensive QC solution really important", “ Interra’s Baton supports our QC requirements for various formats, quality checks, and infrastructure integration. Baton’ s scalability, support for high availability will prove very useful for our time-sensitive media services

  • Tim Koeleman CTO – ODMedia

    ODMedia’s services focus on delivery of high quality content. Since we work with diverse content, we needed a comprehensive QC solution that could handle any format, provide comprehensive audio-video quality checks and be able to scale verification with content volume. Interra's Baton meets our QC requirements, and we look forward to integrate Baton QC with our services

  • Ken Brady Senior Vice President – Media Technology and Operations – Turner Broadcasting

    Turner Studios processes a tremendous number of promotions and full length programming in support of Turner Entertainment and Turner Sports. As we continue to move away from traditional tape based mastering, Baton has become an integral part of our automated delivery workflows for broadcast and non-linear platforms.

  • Christian Christiansen MD, Silver Trak Digital

    Interra’s Baton QC is a necessary part of the workflow in Silver Trak Digital's Media Sphere. It is integrated as an essential content checker in automated processes for files coming into Media Sphere and also for files leaving Media Sphere for delivery. One of Baton's essential roles in Media Sphere is to ensure files created and/or stored within Media Sphere meets the clients technical requirements so that the integrity of the file is assured. We are very impressed with the capabilities and flexibility of Baton QC.

  • Peter Bruggink CTO, CentralParQ Software

    CentralParQ software has selected Baton® from Interra Systems for its superior quality control of all created files across multiple platforms. We're part of one of Europe's largest group of digital production companies. We know that the key to success for content owners is the viewer experience. It has to be perfect on all platforms. Baton® provides us an automated QC platform to ensure that all created files are checked. With the growing multi-screen environment, this has to be automated in a reliable, cost-effective way.

  • Yoshitsugu Kouchi Business Operation Group, SONY PCL

    With the spread of content delivery service of recent years, transcoding and a QC solution which can process the large volume and a variety of content, has been required at SONY PCL. We decided to expand deployment of Interra's Baton software because the latest Baton, which can provide us more enhanced features, improved performance, and more formats supported, convinced us that Baton is a suitable component to streamline our verification workflow.

  • Keiko Abe Senior Product and Marketing Manager, Sony

    Interra's Baton is an industry-leading QC solution that ensures content readiness and is used in a wide variety of markets on a wide variety of content, at multiple stages of content lifecycle. For many customers, QC is a critical component in their content lifecycle and Baton integration into Sony Media Backbone Conductor enables a comprehensive file-based workflow.

  • Eduardo Donatelli VP Technology, DLA

    Since DLA shifted towards a file based processing environment with a fully automated and electronic delivery model, we needed a way to QC the large volume and mix of content we process. Interra's Baton® solution allows us to verify the integrity of different types of media files, maintaining uniformity across our verification processes and ensures that we are in compliance with the demands of our affiliates. Baton will form an important part of our file based workflow.

  • Craig Armsworth Technology Director, THE PLAYROOM, Australia

    Content QC is a critical part of our production operations. We verify both internal and external content across various stages of our content lifecycle. The volume of content that we receive and the diversity of its sources make it important for us to have a comprehensive QC solution in place.

  • Peter Bruggink CTO of Avi-Team group, ParkPost, The Netherlands

    We selected Baton® because of its flexibility and hardware agnostic design. With its flexible application programming interface Baton® was easy to customize for different types of workflows. We have a completely tapeless MXF workflow which extends from live studio and automated XD-Cam ingest through to upload to the playout servers.

  • Luciano Consigli Technical & Operation Director 3ZERO2TV, Italy

    Our Content Verification or QC needs span Ingest, Edit and Post-production stages. Based on the diverse content we receive, we needed a comprehensive QC solution that could handle any formats, ensure comprehensive quality checks and be able to scale with our content volume. Interra’s Baton is a good QC solution for our current requirements, and we believe it can satisfy our future requirements of verifying archived content as well.

  • Michel De Wolf Media Management Business Unit Manager, EVS

    Interra's Baton is an industry-leading QC solution that ensures content readiness. We were able to integrate Baton into our archive solution quickly and without a hitch. Baton is a must-have in the world of file-based workflows.We also appreciate the efficiency and availability of Baton's technical team, as they are always ready and willing to provide us with the right solution.

  • Mark Lemmons Chief Technology Officer, Thought Equity Motion

    As our platform ingests, transcodes and delivers thousands of video files daily, it's crucial that we verify quality throughout the process. Interra's Baton software supports the integrity of our Platform Services and allows us to maintain uniformity across many formats, wrappers and codecs. The world's leading rights holders and producers rely on our cloud-based management platform for everything from production-quality master files to syndicated Web deliverables, and our commitment to quality is central to the entire value chain.

  • Niv Nissim IT & Broadcast operations Senior Manager, Channels, The Walt Disney Company, Israel

    Our Content Verification or QC needs span Archive, Edit and Post-production stages. Interra's Baton meets the depth and breadth of QC requirements for our content verification across all the stages. This includes support for various formats and extensive quality checks relevant to each stage. As our QC needs expand, Baton can also be expanded seamlessly for more content verification across our servers and infrastructure.

  • Per Magne Jensen Chief Executive of Bio Visjon

    Bio-Visjon produces and acquires TV content for international terrestrial, cable and satellite TV. Much of its work is already file based and going forward that percentage of file-based content is going to increase. In order to achieve the scalability, Bio-Visjon was looking for ways to improve automation without compromising content quality. The team at Bio-Visjon looked at its multi-platform play-out and distribution model and realized that Interra's BatonT solution adequately addresses its needs.

  • Chris Newton Vice President of Operations and IS, LAPTV.

    As part of our transition to 100% file based operation, we recognized that verifying our "master files" was absolutely critical to make sure captures, transcodes, met specifications for playout, etc. After reviewing multiple vendors, we ultimately selected Interra Systems Baton Content QC product as the product that provided the best overall value proposition. We have been pleased with the results to date and look forward to more integration of Baton with our media asset management system.

  • Scott Douthitt Senior Director of Operations for Comcast Spotlight North Central Division

    As industry standards have shifted to an electronic delivery model, we needed a way to QC the over eight thousand commercials we receive monthly at our Advertising Support Center. Interra Baton software allows us to verify the integrity of our clients ads before they air, maintain uniformity across our encoding / QC platform and ensure that we are introducing compatible content into the cable plant. Baton has become an integral component in streamlining our workflow.

  • Yoshitsugu Kouchi Engineer, Sony PCL

    We selected Baton®, not only because it supports various formats but also because it can be customized adequately along with ou system in which more precise automated media content verification is very important. We are aiming to supply higher-quality content to our customers with the strong support from Interra Systems, Inc.

  • Paul Haskell Vice President, Video & Algorithm Technology, Harmonic

    Vega HEVC is the most in-depth analyzer for HEVC video today. Vega HEVC offers complete parsing and decoding of HEVC video. Its features include frame by frame navigation, analytical graphs, H.264 and HEVC encoding comparison, powerful reporting, error messages at all structural levels, and utilities for buffer analysis. Vega HEVC leverages industry-proven Interra technologies and multi-core processing to deliver efficient, high-performance analysis.

  • Xu Liu Head of Media Quality, Tango

    Our number one goal is to deliver the highest quality audio and video to millions of Tango users around the world. To do this, we needed a comprehensive and accurate audio-video analysis tool to test and fine tune codec performance. We selected Interra's Vega H264 Analyzer for its thorough and in-depth analysis. Vega is helping us improve R&D productivity and accelerate time to market.

  • C.T. Chen Vice President Engineering, Montage Technology

    We needed an audio-video analysis and debug tool that had a proven track record in supporting both legacy and upcoming video standards. After evaluating a number of tools, we selected Interra's Vega H264 Analyzer for its extremely thorough, accurate analysis and ease of use. We were also very impressed with Interra's prompt Customer support.

  • Charles Corbalis Vice President, Engineering, RGB Networks

    Vega's in-depth, accurate stream analysis and reports give our R&D team unparalleled visibility into encoded media. This expedites debugging and verification steps and helps us ensure that our solutions deliver video that is both standards-compliant and bandwidth-efficient. Vega H264 Analyzer is an indispensible debug platform for the development of our leading-edge video solutions.

  • John Dixon Processor Portfolio Marketing Manager, Freescale Semiconductor

    We chose Interra's Vega H264 analyzer for its in-depth comprehensive video analysis features, ease of use, and excellent customer support. As we continue to expand our offerings, we are pleased to leverage Vega analysis software to streamline and optimize our development and QA processes.

  • Martin Ashton VP, Imagination Technologies

    We found Vega H264 to be an advanced software platform with a rich set of debug and analysis capabilities. Its thorough support of the H.264/MVC standard is greatly helping our Engineering teams deliver high quality products to our customers.

  • Dr. Ji Zhang Founder & CEO, Yuvad Technologies

    Interra's Vega TSA is a great product. We have been using it since October 2010 for MPEG-2 transport stream compliance, analysis and verification. It has become a critical tool for Yuvad's multi-screen video encoding and advertising solutions as it allows us to analyze complex streams, detect errors quickly and ensure interoperability with other products.

  • Don Shulsinger Vice President, Business Development of Broadcom's Broadband Communications Group

    We were one of the early customers of Interra's H.264 Analyzer. We are pleased to note that Interra's H.264 Analyzer now includes support for older video formats in addition to supporting the H.264 standard. Interra Systems, Inc. has demonstrated their willingness and ability to support our efforts towards testing encoded video streams.

  • Naoshi Ogawa Director of Application Engineering at AOI Technology, Inc.

    We are pleased select Interra's Analyzer after our evaluation. Interra's SMPTE VC1 Analyzer includes support for older video formats, that was very important to us. Interra Systems, Inc. and its Japanese partner Innotech Inc. (www.innotech.co.jp) have demonstrated their willingness and ability to support our engineering efforts quite well.

  • Sabine Bravo Senior Manager, Global Sales Programs at Dolby Laboratories

    Dolby is excited to work closely with Interra Systems to enhance its Vega family of media analyzers for advanced analysis of encoded audio with Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Digital. We're confident that with these Dolby technologies, Interra Systems has the right components in its analyzers to help authors ensure high-quality audio content.