Vega ABR– for ABR Streams

Vega ABR performs in-depth analysis of ABR formats and presents detailed information for any ABR stream down to the compressed audio and video elementary streams. With its comprehensive and intuitive GUI, the ABR streams related violations can be easily located and analyzed. Detailed analysis of the ABR streams will be helpful for media professionals from industries such as transcoder and encoder manufacturers, online video providers, cable, satellite and OTT related service providers.

ABR Stream

Vega ABR Features

  • ABR content validation with respect to the manifest file
  • Strong verification of ABR streams and ability to report the minutest violations
  • Verification of encoded streams' bit rates
  • Detailed verification of chunks alignment based on the following:
    • Timing of encoded frame rate in elementary streams
    • Chunks play time
    • Stream structure
    • PTS/DTS encoded in TS
    • IDR alignment at start of chunks
  • Verification of:
    • Video quality checks such as blockiness, blurriness, pixelation, black frames, drop frames and freeze frames
    • Audio quality checks such as loudness, silence and CALM specification checks
    • Encoder Boundary Points (EBP)
    • Container and elementary buffer model
  • Analysis of QP variations across different bit rate streams
  • Analysis of frame size and compression ratio variation
  • Rich reporting of error messages in xls and pdf formats
  • Compliance to media standards

ABR Formats Support

  • Microsoft Smooth streaming (ISM)
  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
  • Container formats: TS, MP4
  • Video formats: HEVC, H264
  • Audio formats: AAC